Monday, December 8, 2008

Fragments Shored

So, today, in a fit of verve and pique, I decided to clean out a many-drawer'd credenza in my room. In one of these drawers. every photo that I've taken, had given to me, printed, et cetera reposes alongside various and sundry notes, letters, cards, and so on.

With a view towards streamlining my life. I tore up about a ten-inch-high pile of them, and then burned them in the fireplace.

I kept the ones that mattered. Those that went were primarily old flings, former friends, duplicate photos, bad shots of people that I either didn't want to remember with a lazy eye or even remember at all, notes that expressed sentiments I'd prefer not to re-read, and letters that represented either undesired defeats or undeserved victories.

The flames were high and roaring and hungry and I fed them until I had nothing more to feed.

I know it's bad to burn coated paper, and I tried to buy a carbon offset, but what price burned bridges?

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